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Ferret Shelters in New Mexico

Ferrets First of New Mexico

Carlsbad, NM. 8822
575 885-3567
Ferrets First of New Mexico takes in and care for unwanted ferrets and adopt them out. However, we have very few people inquire about ferrets so we normally end up as a hospice for them. Mainly because most of the ferrets we get are from people who either can't or won't pay for their health care. We also live in a very isolated area of New Mexico and don't have access to a large group of people to adopt them too.

Alamogordo, NM
575 446-2017
The Otero Country Ferret Rescue is a small, privately funded ferrets only shelter serving the Otero County, New Mexico area. We are based in Alamogordo, New Mexico and are available to help provide care information on proper grooming and healthy nutrition for your companion ferrets.

Director: Kimberly Fried
Texico, NM
575 309-6225
Email: fertrescue at aol.com

Dog & Cat Shelters in New Mexico

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