Supporting Rescue Efforts Across the Nation

Paws is a free public service animal rescue reference with the express purpose of helping enable rescue shelters to conserve limited resources so their funds and man-hours can be better spent on their primary mission - to save lives. The ability to easily network with other shelters and rescue volunteers can make the efforts of all involved faster, easier, and more effective. Each of us has gathered an abundance of information from the Internet, books, and experience. Pooling these resources empowers us all.

A quote from an old movie, Star Man, makes a profound statement about humans.

Starman speaking to a human: Shall I tell you what I find beautiful about you?
You are at your very best when things are worst.

Given: The dire state of companion animals in the United States

It is unknown exactly how many stray or abandoned animals there are in the United States, but estimates range higher than 12 to 15 million. It is known that every year between 6 and 8 million animals enter local shelters, 4 million of which will never find a home and are euthanized.

In the face of such a hopeless and heartbreaking crisis, humans rise to the task of finding forever homes for Shelter rescues, helping provide food, medical attention, and even transportation to get Shelter pets into their new homes across the country.

These selfless people spend many hours and often their own limited funds to volunteer - For all they do, these people and groups have earned our support, repect and thanks.

If you feel the urge to donate money, time, or usable items...donate directly to the rescue shelters and organizations. And bless you for it!