Multiple & Connected Missions

We live in an era in which man's advancements in technology, health care and science, and social awareness are offset by great needs - on many fronts and world-wide. Suffering is across the board. The unmet needs of humans and animals, as well as threats to the health of the planet we live upon are sometimes overwhelming. However, it is part of human nature to rise to meet any and all challenges. Working together, people can and will face and overcome all obstacles.

Companion Animal Rescue, Rehabilitation, and Defense

Paws Across the Nation was built with multiple purposes in mind to manage several needs in a single platform. Ultimately, this free public service animal rescue referral is intended for the express purpose of helping to enable rescue, rehab, and conservation organizations across the nation to conserve limited resources so their funds and man-hours can be better spent on their primary mission - to save lives while treading gently on this world. The ability to easily network with other organizations and volunteers can make the efforts of all involved faster and easier.

Each of us has gathered an abundance of information from the Internet, books, networking and experience. Pooling these resources empowers us all.

Wildlife Rescue, Rehabilitation, and Defense

The principles listed above apply just as directly to wildlife rescue, rehabilitation, and conservation. Paws Across the Nation is firmly committed to nurturing and helping restore the delicate ecological balance required to sustain a healthy, viable ecosystem - regionally, nationally, and as far as possible from the U.S., globally.

One of the most valuable lessons that we've learned is that just as "no man is an island," no species is separate from the intricate balance of nature. Think of it as a global Jinga game - pull out too many "linchpin" pieces and the entire structure will collapse. The system itself is, to date, far too interwoven for man to safely make any change to the environment without first making a careful and far reaching study of its impact.

The PawsTalk portion of this website specializes in addressing wildlife rescue, rehabilitation, and conservation issues.

Mindful and Humane Livestock Management

As the public becomes more aware of the unhealthy husbandry and slaughter practices of Big Ag, we begin to understand the level of environmental destruction involved when business greed overpowers concerns for consumer and ecological health.

In addition to rivaling and often exceeding the global impact of fossil fuel use on the health of our planet, Big Ag has time and time again been proven to encourage some of the most vile and inhuman cruelties imaginable when managing livestock. Gandhi said, "The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated." At some point, man must accept that there is a profound price to be paid by all for allowing a few to cross boundaries no human should consider violating.

Upon learning of the grossly unhealthy and inhumane practices common in Big Ag's approach to livestock management, many consumers choose a vegan lifestyle as a healthy option that distances them from contributing to cruelty. This is a fine and honorable choice, but there is also a middle ground that we might choose in which we reduce the amount of red meat consumed - far too much meat is eaten in the U.S. for sustaining good health - as well as seeking out sources committed to sustainably raised, humanely managed, healthy livestock. Money does seem to make the world go around, but it's not the wealthy few who have the actual power; it's how the general public's dollars are spent that can change the world.

Finally, Paws strives to encourage all who value the life offered by our world to dismiss the differences we all find in how we prioritize our contributions compared to the concerns of our neighbors. The vegan and meat eater can stand shoulder to shoulder for the greater good without judging the others' personal choices. After all, we all have the most important concern in common - making this world a better, healthier place - for ourselves, for our children, and for future generations who must manage their own lives in the light of what we do, or fail to do, right now.

Public Service

Please note that Paws Across the Nation does not now, nor will it ever, solicit or accept any form of payment for listings! If you feel the urge to donate money, time, or usable items...donate directly to your local rescue shelters. And bless you for it!